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Posted on Tue, Dec. 02,2014

Rape by Director of Nimbus Tutorial,Itanagar

The so called life shaper of Arunachali students the Director and Proprietor of Nimbus Tutorial,Mr Vinay Kumar Rana is rapist of his own niece.He raped her for 12years,since when she was only 11 years old.She was threatened to kill her father if she will ever discuss the matter to anyone.No one can understand the condition of a child who is being raped for so many years & the child was unable to utter it to anyone in scare.When she became major & try to oppose this heinous activity she was told that nothing is going too happen hum.Only his father will be killed and the will have go face social insult.Where will this girl go for justice.One start crying of he will listen to her painful story.