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Posted on Thu, Oct. 25,2012

mobile lost

basically this complain is regarding mobile which i lost on 9th of october. it was i phone 5 black 32gb with black matali look case cover. on that day i was bit late for my job so i was in rush, i want to the harrow high street for getting some parcel from there i went with my maite to job so just there last time i remember i got the phone with me. and after that around 2:30pm i went for brack and that time i was chaking my pockets of jacket but i realize around 2:45 it was lost by me. after that i went ever were where i went in the morning but unfortunately i could not found it. and finally for security and miss use of phone reason i block my sim card. On 9/10/12(this information i found from my network provider that no buddy use my phone after 7:50 so its only lucky point for me). so please if you found this phone for me its really great help and appreciative work.

lost phones details...
IMIE- 013347002339943
black 32gb with metallic look cover.