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Posted on Wed, Oct. 24,2012

Ran Away with Diamonds

My name is Karan Kejariwal and I am a Diamonds Dealer from NY USA. I sold Diamonds to Manur Rajdan who used to have a jewelry store in Los Angeles California USA. When I sold him Diamonds worth $34,000 which is app 1632000 rs he ran away to Jaipur India without paying me. Along with me he took alot of Diamonds and color stone from other people. Another friend of mine by the name of Vikrant from NY who was a victing of Manur went to Jaipur to find him and filed a complain against him and at the moment Manur is behind bars in Jaipur in Jawarhar Circle Jail. Manur is a crook and fraud and he planned everything in USA and ran away mine and other people\'s money. When I tried to contact Manur in Jaipur he threatened me and said that I will not pay you and you can whatever you want. His father in law who was a partner in his business in LA is also a part of the fraud. Manur has done a big fraud and I request you to help me get my money of goods put him to justice. I am attaching the copies of bills and checks of the Diamonds sold to Manur. Thank you