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Posted on Mon, Oct. 17,2011

This Forum is awsome:)

Hello fellows everything allright? by now Im making my primary topic on the forum, beautiful web that you have here. rnLets start my presentation, my name is Jake, I was born on Madrid, at the moment Im studying on other place now on Computer Engenieering to obtain my diplome. rnI adore swimming as well as fishing, and I also enjoy a lot Muse, my greatest hobbie now is poker, like many of you...I well as magic the gathering. rnThe reason I came here on this forum to find ideas to my websites at Free Poker Bankrolls ...You can not blame me cause you guys have a lot fascinating discussions here, but off course I will engage activatly in all of the discussions in the forum!!!!! rnI will also apoligize for my english it was the only way I get to talk with you.... rnAnd for the time being Is all I can post, cause work by shifts and now I will rest a little..............Just hopping you liked my brand new topic. rnUntill tomorrwo to everybody, love you all